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cassandra track list In the Bloodlit Dark


Outburn Magazine "As a whole, In the Bloodlit Dark, is saturated with a thick ambience of sick expectation, dark suspense and foreboding. If you listen to this album just going about your business at home with the stereo on, you will eventually get the sense you are being watched, that you are about to discover a dead body in your closet...creepy. Zoar has created very intricate and artistic works on this album and fans of the genre should definitely look into it."

Side-line Magazine "The second album of this American duo takes us away with cold frightening soundtrack-sounding compositions! This is definitely the kind of soundtrack genre that I appreciate for its diversity and the imagination it achieves through the appearance of imaginary films in your mind."

Legends Magazine "It appears that the goal was to create the spookiest album possible and In the Bloodlit Dark is nothing if not chilling, from beginning to end."

Starvox Music Zine "The artists who make up Zoar have delivered the years most "spooktacular" body of work... It is hard to imagine creating soundscapes that could make a guitar or cello sound so chilling, but with the expert backing of the keyboards and the entire atmospheric dread pervasive within this work, it was accomplished with great ease. If you need something to haunt your neighbors with, you will simply adore the effects that this CD will accomplish. Should it unnerve your very last nerve, however, don't say I didn't warn you!"

Black Magazine "A musical jewel that deserves to be listened to with undivided attention."

Lollipop Magazine "In the Bloodlit Dark will make your skin crawl. The album is an exploration of horror, the grotesque, and dark fantasies... These and many more terrible soundtrack masterpieces are waiting to torment your senses."

Fluxeuropa "A masterly mélange of dense atmospheres, passages of symphonic neoclassical, and heavy and lighter guitar work envelop the listener in a swirling, drifting mass of sound, in which the conscious and subconscious lose distinction... Ever-changing dishes feed the listener with a full and satisfying feast that will be finding a place in my permanent collection."

Le Fantastique Magazine "If you like original musical experiences and don't mind diving deep into the most somber and strange parts of the human soul, this music is made for you... At a time when the world of music is full of cliches and depressing commercialism, Zoar's audacity and originality gives its music a unique character that totally deserves recognition."