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Neil Strauss, The New York Times "...masters of the cinematic instrumental..."

Kyle Gann, The Village Voice "...conjuring as finely calculated an atmosphere as I've heard any ambient music elicit...superb at setting up a darkly dramatic background..."

The L.A. Weekly "...epic, widescreen, scary - nice thrills and chills..."

Black Magazine, "Seldom have any such fascinating and wonderful pieces of music reached my ears. Music and image create a symbiosis that could not be more perfect, making many other comparable artists seem like beginners in this field."

Carpe Noctem Magazine "...a soundtrack for a film that can only exist in the mind of each listener. What I found upon my initial listening was nothing short of amazing. If you've heard Zoar you already know what I'm talking about. If not, it's about time that you did."

Aether Sanctum "Sometimes you hear a release that turns your head inside out, and fools with your brain. This is one. The music is both soothing and unsettling - like the sinister dreams of a madman. Lie down in a dark room, find a comfortable volume on the stereo and plunge into a pseudo-hallucinogenic story created between your mind and the unearthly music."

Flagpole "The band beautifully intermingles lush arrangements of synthesizer, strings and programming to a dazzling effect and truly testifies to the beauty that technology can be capable of creating..."

Badger Herald "This album uses ambient music to paint pictures of darkness, struggle, and hope...a vivid and dramatic soundscape that is worth experiencing..."

Stained Pages "...breathtakingly beautiful and achingly haunting... perfect for dark and gloomy days when you're feeling introspective..."